Una literatura contra los cadalsos. Entrevista de Luis Felipe Rojas a Rafael E. Saumell

Una literatura contra los cadalsos. Entrevista de Luis Felipe Rojas a Rafael E. Saumell.


Acerca de Elige tú que canto yo

Scholar, writer and professor of Spanish at Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas. Married to Jill Saumell (maiden name Offerman) , three children, four grandchildren. A member of ANLE, Academia Norteamericana de Lengua Española. US Academy of the Spanish Language, one of the 22 academies of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (RAE). Author of three academic essays: La corte del supremo espectáculo. La Habana: Ediciones Unión, 1979. A Cultural History of the Cuban Radio and Television. The entire edition was converted into pulp paper by order of the Department of State Security; En Cuba todo el mundo canta. Madrid: Editorial Betania, 2008. A tale of my prison experiences. In Cuba.; La cárcel letrada. Madrid: Editorial Betania, 2013. The Enlighted Prison. Cuban Prison Narrative from 1836 to 1992. Co-author and writer of several scholarly books, for example the writer of Carlota Caulfied's entry in Latin American Women Writers: An Encyclopedia. María Claudia André and Eva Bueno, eds. New York: Routledge, 2007: 113-114; Alejo Carpentier and José Martí's entries in Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia on Latin American Postcolonial Literature (forthcoming). Have published scholarly (peer reviewed) and popular media (journals, magazines, newspapers)essays on Human Rights and Spanish American Literatures in Cuba, France, Spain, Spanish America, the United States, and the United States. Talebú is the name of my own literary blog (https://talebu.wordpress.com/). A former political prisoner (1981-1986). US naturalized citizen (1994).
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